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With a background in programming helps navigate complex product descriptions easily. With his experience in ease of use, UX and writing technology on technology Cory likes to write and wrote hundreds of blogs, review programs and practical guides on programming.

Learn, contribute, & grow with us

Every team member here at Viget Labs strives to be an innovator. We members of the development team are no different – that’s why we’re constantly engaging in community discussions and exploring the unknown that is the next generation of open-source web applications. Check out some of the current projects we’re tinkering with and see for yourself.

These are exciting times, but we’re all better developers when we combine our big brains with other big brains out there, so let us know what you think.

Our Services

ExtendViget Labs is a full-service web consulting and development firm.  We were founded in 1999 specifically to provide all of the services needed to plan, design, build, and market web solutions for any business in any industry.  To provide these end-to-end services, we have developed expertise in four key areas:

  1. Strategic Consulting – We help shape your strategy for online success.
  2. Interactive Design – We create highly usable, brand-building web interfaces.
  3. Application Development – We build custom web applications that achieve practical business objectives.
  4. Online Marketing – We leverage proven methods to generate high-value web traffic.

We have a growing national reputation as a rare firm that has deep talent and expertise in all aspects of web solutions, a flexible methodology that ensures quality results, and a proven track record of dedication and commitment to excellence.

Whether you have a clear vision for your online objectives or need help determining how you can leverage the web to improve – or build – your business, there’s a good chance Viget Labs has the expertise to get the job done.  Contact us and let’s talk about how.

 Current Project


Tyrant is a “meta” Rails application designed to run other Rails applications. It was born out of our need to have non-developers work alongside us without requiring a full Rails stack running on their local machines.

Ideally, Tyrant runs (via mongrel) on a development server with multiple user directories that contain SVN working directories with Rails applications. Upon startup, these applications are listed in a user’s dashboard and Tyrant provides the interface to start and stop each one. The configuration settings dictate the available port range, and as a new application is started it will grab the next one available.

Current Features

  • User-configurable settings (including ports and rails application dir)
  • Basic user management
  • Basic mongrel management (start / stop)

Future Additions

  • LDAP integration
  • Limiting number of apps a user can run
  • Basic log viewing
  • Database bootstrapping

Quick Installation

$ svn co http://svn.extendviget.com/tyrant/trunk tyrant
$ mysqladmin create tyrant_development
$ cd tyrant
$ rake vl:db_load
$ ./script/server

This will set up the database with some sample accounts but no settings. Navigate to http://localhost:3000 to configure your personal settings. Now, your users can log in and start accessing their Rails applications.

More documentation to come, in the meantime check out some of the current ScreenShots.

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